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The Tubeformer 2020 model is the strongest and most powerful spiral duct machine in the industry!

The unique design was created to match the demand of special HVAC projects but also to address the needs of unique spiral duct applications used in other fields, predominantly in the industrial construction sector and mining industry.

Unique Features

» Covers the complete range of international standard sizes up to 2500 mm diameter

» Unique thick material capacity with up to 2 mm for galvanized steel

» Reinforced mechanical transmission for heavy-duty application


Diameter Range: 80-2500mm (3”-100”)

Strip Thickness: 0.4 - 2.0 mm (0.016”- 0.079”) for galvanized steel,  0.4 - 1.3 mm (0.016”- 0.051”) for stainless steel and 0.4 - 2.0 mm (0.024”- 0.079”) for aluminium

Cutting System: High-Performance Slitter Model H and/or Plasma cutter

Other Applications: Voidforming / Mining ventilation / Jacketing

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