Snap lock punch for sheet metal, Malco

Priser eksl moms

Salgspris620,51 kr


Raises a louvered projection on metal edges for locking metal pieces together

The sheet metal snap lock punch raises a louvered shaped projection on metal edges for quickly locking metal pieces securely together. Punch impressions are spaced 3/8 in. from the metals edge. The heavy forged cutting jaw has a rust resistant nickel plate and black oxide finish.

The sheet metal snap lock punch also features handle’s with compound handle leverage. The handle opening of the gripped tools maximizes the powerful leverage of compound head-to-handle linkage while providing a more comfortable operating range for your hand. Ergonomic handle contours with an over-molded, non-slip handle insert ensures a natural fit and feel for the way you work. Easy one-hand-operation, including an easy open and close latch motion, always leaves a free hand to steady work piece.

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