Sikkemaskine - op til 1,2 mm materiale tykkelse

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The machine is designed to shape reinforcing beads over entire sheet metal tables as well as on individual blanks of optional shapes.

Reinforced sheet metal is used for the manufacture of HVAC ducts as well as for other metal work, when it is beneficial to use thin sheet metal reinforced in this manner.

- The machine drive is provided from a central gear box that directly drives the shafts with the forming rolls. These shafts have multiple bearings so that the formed beads are laid out evenly.

- The forming rollers are heat-treated and their surfaces are ground.

The machine control system permits continuous running or control by means of a foot pedal.

The machine can be supplied in two variants
In accordance with the kind of beads required; it is manufactured in two sizes in accordance with the maximum width of the processed sheet metal: 2000 mm and 2500 mm.

Technical specifications

Voltage: 400 V

Input: 1,1 kW

Speed of forming: 13 m/min.

Material thickness: 0,55 – 1,2 mm – profil V.1 “Z”

Material thickness: 0,55 – 1,0 mm – profil V.3 “trapezoid”

Material width: 2 000 or 2500 mm

Machine weight: 500 kg

Machine dimensions: 2 520(3020) x 1 300 x 1 300 x mm


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