Sicodan motoriseret valse SD286

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Motor-driven roll forming machine, with three asymmetrically arranged rolls, driven by electric motor.

The Lower roll can be adjusted by means of a cam lever, the rear roll is adjusted by a handwheel for the execution of cylindrical and conical bindings; at their ends, both rolls are provided with grooves, having different widths and depths, in order to bend beaded sheets or iron rods.

The upper roll, which can be disengaged, is provided with a longitudinal groove for bending the edges of sheets to be jointed. The rollers run on self-lubricating bushings.

Control is affected by foot-pedal for operating the electromagnetic switches of the electric equipment having Low-voltage circuits.

The minimum diameter obtainable at maximum sheet thickness, corresponds to two or three times the diameter of the upper roll. The machines are provided with accident-prevention stop device.

Extra equipment
- Hardened and ground shafts Cones unit.
- Back cylinder motor-driven traverse
- Back cylinder traverse display
- Speed variator

Technical specifications

Usable length

1250 mm

Sheet thickness (400 N/mm²)

2,5 mm

Ø of the rolls

90 mm


16 r.p.m.

Horse power

0,75 kW


530 kg

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