Prinzing Rollformer RME 60/128 motoriseret valse / rørformer

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The three-roller bending machine is rounding by the electrically driven upper and lower roll. The single-stage motor is operated via a double foot switch for forward- and backward move.

The rollers are arranged asymmetrically. Quick and easy removal of the finished tubes is facilitated by the forward swing-top roll. Depending on the dimension, the rolls have a spherical shape.

Standard Features

  • Upper roll swinging to the front by quick release 
  • Quick adjustment of the bottom roll
  • Screw adjustment of the back roll with mech. display
  • Drive by gear brake motor
  • Sub frame

 Standard equipment

  • One step main drive with Motor brake
  • Double foot switch for forward and backward movement
  • Control cabinet with safety control
  • Inclinable back roll (together with the pre-bending device only on request)
  • Subframe
  • Power supply 400 V / 50Hz / 3 Phase

 Special equipment

  • Two step main drive
  • Infinitely variable main drive
  • Three roll drive
  • Pneumatic bending device with 4 rollers
  • Folding groove in the upper roller
  • Wiring channels in bottom and back roll
  • Side stop for conical rounding
  • Hardened rollers
  • Ground rollers
  • Rubberised rollers
  • Motorized infeed of the back roll

Technical specifications


RME 60/128

Usable length

1280 mm

Sheet thickness (400 N/mm²)

1,2 mm

Ø of the rolls

60 mm

Working speed

4,0 m/min

Drive power

0,75 kW


340 kg

Size (L x W x H)

170 x 80 x 150 cm

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