SPROBAC-HTEC - Workshop standing seam roll-forming machines

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Electric roll-forming machine for workshop, reference PROBAC-HTEC for the production of standing seam profiles in parallel or concical trays. Check of the machine by latest evolution of digital control with 10'' touch screen. Full or partial electric transversal cut and automatic cycle to produce several trays without intervention, longitudinal cut with or without roll-forming, tool-free, quick-adjusting entry guide system. Automatic calculation of the number and trays dimension according to roof layout.

Product plus:

  • Profiling rolls adapted for all materials,
    no adjustments required when coil changing
  • 8 sets of rolls spread over a long length for a progressive profiling, reducing the « tulip » effect at the beginning and end of the tray
  • Excellent regularity of profiling for every materials used
    (natural zinc, quartz, pre-weathered, aluminium, copper galvanised and painted steel...)
  • Tool-free, quick-adjusting entry guide system for profiling different types of trays: single-sided, double-sided, conical and slitting operation
  • Intuitive check of the machine
  • Roll-forming rapidity, up to 20m/mn
  • Accuracy + / - 1mm in repetition over 4m
  • Electric transversal cut
  • Automatic cycles to produce several trays without the operator's intervention 

Numerical control

  • Latest numerical control with large 10’’ colour touch screen
    and liftable protective cover
  • Step-by-step CN support for the operator in all profiling steps
    to make the machine more user-friendly
  • Automatic calculation of the number and trays dimension
    according to your roof layout
  • Speed + 50 %
  • Console with color touch screen 7"
  • Automatic calculation of material requirements
    (material management for up to 10 coils)
  • Total and daily counter with profile length reset
  • Maintenance menu informing the operator of the preventive maintenance actions to be carried out according to the accumulated profile lengths
  • Remote factory maintenance via wifi or wired internet connection
  • USB port for importing programs in Excel and exporting

Standard equipment:

  • Numerical control on 10’’ colour touch screen with protective cover
  • Integrated in-feeding process
  • Entry guide on « roller slide » to avoid marking the sheets
  • Longitudinal cut with or without roll forming
  • Full or partial transversal electric cutting
  • Variable speed drive
  • Tool-free quick adjustment of the entry guide and the slitting knife
  • Adjustment of the strip and covering width
  • Position adjustments of the left and right profiling roll sets by handwheel
  • 8 larger set rolls diameters
  • Braked wheels and handles for moving the machine
  • Handling space for forks

4 roll-forming menus at the operator's choice: manual mode, quick programming, memorized programs, specific programs for conical trays and first trays, specific mode for «side by side» profiling for starters and conical trays, allowing easy adjustment of the profiling speed to ensure good tray support 


Capacities Zinc / Copper / Aluminium 1050-H44 / Steel (mini/maxi) (mm)

0.6 / 0.8
Power supply (V)*
30mA differential circuit breaker protection
230 V Single-phase
* Choice of voltage to be indicated when ordering  
Active power supply (kVA) 4
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 2055x1370x1180
Net weight (kg) 640
CE conformity Yes

Variable profiling speed (min./max.) (m/min)

5 to 20

Length accuracy (repetitively over 4 meters) (mm)

± 1
Maximum width of entry guides 850

Minimum length of trays (mm)

Minimum slitting width (mm) 50

Dimensions covering width


Standard standing seam profile, in 1 stage (min./max.) (mm) 180 / 775
Standard standing seam profile, in 2 stages (min./max.) (mm) 75 / 775
Male-male profile, in 2 stages (min./max.) (mm) 85 / 785
Covering width male profile only, 1-sided (mm) 40
Profile female-female, in 2 stages (min./max.) (mm) 75 / 760
Covering female profile only, 1-sided (mm) 45
Standard standing seam profile conical, in 2 stages (min./max.) (mm) 75 / 760

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