LICO - Industrielle skære linier

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Special machines: please consult us

Working width: 1.50m

Product plus:

  • Ultra flexible equipment
  • Full process: decoiling, feeding, straightening, stiffening, notching, punching, slitting, length cut and stacking  
  • Suitable for working with soft or hard metal sheet
  • Profiles acc. to specifications: trays, corrugated metal sheet, embossing, special profiles
  • Reliability and strength for industrial process
  • Simple and user-friendly programming


Cutting line up to 1.50m useful width, maximum capacity 2mm steel. Can be equipped with a simple or motorized decoiler, a feeding unit with or without coil selector, with straightener, stiffener, punching and multiple slitting. Operation of the machine with programming from numerical control

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