SCGI-A-BAE - Elektrisk guillotin saks

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Electric guillotine shear for workshop, reference CGI2050A-BAE, useful cutting length 2m, 2,0mm steel capacity, managed by numerical control with 7" touch screen, belt-type electric back gauge from 5 to 750mm, square gauges, retractable front table

Product plus:

  • Shears of new generation, reinforced rigidity
  • Power and cutting quality
  • Optimized for mass production
  • Permanent and powerful lighting of the cutting line by LED integrated in the sheet clamping device
  • High visibility of blades for scribe cut
  • Intuitive numerical control with  7’’ touch screen
  • Quick programming of lengths and quantities
  • Electric back gauge with rapid motion, from 5 to 750mm
  • Adjustment of the cutting width
  • Control consol on swivel arm (optional)

Numerical control:

  • Control on 7" color touch screen
  • User-friendly and intuitive programming
  • Auto menu for mass production or manual mode shot by shot
  • Adjustment of the shearing length to increase the cutting rates
  • Management of preventive maintenance for the machine
  • Remote assistance

Standard equipment:

  • 300mm wide and 800mm high front table, grooved every 10mm
    to make easy the cuts without support on gauge
  • Retractable front table + 480mm for large formats
  • Retractable back metal sheet support 120mm
    (plate option excluded)
  • Left-hand 300mm and right-hand 500mm graduated square gauge
  • Belt-type electric back gauge, driven by numerical control,
    from 5 to 750mm and conicity device
  • Automatic sheet clamping system
  • Foot-operated control
  • Reversible one-piece blades
  • Cut counter with reset
  • Photocells providing safe access to the back of the machine
  • Powerful lighting of the cutting line with LED strip integrated
    in the sheet holding system (permanent lighting, better visibility)
  • Slinging rings


Useful cutting length (mm) 2 050
Max. capacity Steel S235JR (mm) 3.0
Max. capacity Aluminum 1050-H44 (mm) 3.0
Max. capacity Steel S235JR (mm) 2.0
Max. capacity Stainless steel 304L (mm)


Note: for cuts from 5 to 25mm, capacity reduction of -50%
Table height (mm) 800
Cutting rate (cuts / min) 25
Electric back gauge stroke (mm)

 from 5 to 750

Power (kW) 2.2

Power supply *(V)

400V Three-ph + neutral + earth

Dimensions (mm)

2 740 x 1 730 x 1 460

Weight (kg) 1 400
* Choice of the voltage to be specified with the order / possible 220V power supply as an option

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