Dobbelthovedet rørbukkemaskine SPB38DH

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Hydraulic. Choose between Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic operation

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Technical description
- With cooling system making the machine run steady
System for quick change of tools, securing faster production
- High stability
- Rotating bending ability (0°-90°)
- NC Control System
- Fully hydraulic
- Pedal control
- Automatic energy-saving mode
- Optional choose between automatic and manual mode
- Depending on the pipe diameter, dies can be double or triple

Max. Bending Capacity (Ø) 38
Max. Wall thickness (mm) 3
Max. Bending Radius (mm) 220
Bending Degree (°) 0-90
Shaft Diameter (mm) 40
Spin Opening Distance (mm) 50
Pressure Opening Distance (mm) 50
Max. Bending angle (°) 95
Min.-Max. Bending Distance (mm) 180-1500
Working Height (mm) 1220
Engine Power (kW) 5.5
Machine Weight (kg) 1800
Machine Width (mm) 1100
Machine Length (mm) 3100
Machine Height (mm) 1600

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