Circular Dryers RT

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Drying of components after surface treatment

Circular Dryers RT  are powerful and universal drying machines. 

Ideal for
- Drying of components, directly after the surface grinding process
- Polishing of components
- Stain reduction
- Fine machining of particularly difficult and complex workpieces
- Prevention of flash rust due to completely dried surfaces
- Efficient drying of complex workpieces

- Fast drying of components after surface grinding
- Stain-free surfaces
- Drying and polishing of workpieces in one step
- Integrated screen section for efficient workpiece separation
- Batch-wise- and continuous operation thanks to an integrated flap (dep. on version)
- Dust reduction system

- Drive with variable speed control
- SPS controlled electrical switchgear for partially and fully automated operations
- Pneumatically activated separation flap
- Dust covers and -reduction systems
- Noise-reducing lids
- Increased heating power for shortening heating time
- Thermostat controlled temperature



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