Kantpresser 31220E

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Bending Length: 3.100 mm

Bending Force: 220 ton
Throat depth: 450 mm
Table height: 920 mm
Bottom table dimension: 120 mm

Standard Equipment
- Y1-Y2-X axis
- Choose between 2 different touchscreen graphical CNC control units
- X axis backgauge: AC motorized, linear guide & ballscrew system with 2 backgauge fingers
- Promecam - quick release top tool clamping system
- Bottom tool with 4V groove
- Manual table crowning system with wedges (on 260 and 320 tons)
- CNC motorized table crowning system with wedges (on 400 tons and 6 meters)
- Back light barrier
- Switched side protection doors 
- lnterior area lighting
- 2 linear sliding front support arms
- High accuracy optical linear scale
- Hydraulic system

Optional equipment
- Different types of hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems
- Front laser safety system
- Up to 2 axis backgauge
- Hydraulic oil heating and cooling
- Special stroke, daylight and throat depth

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