Circular Vibrators RS

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Vibrator for deburring, rounding of edges, polishing and refining of surfaces

Circular Vibrators are universal surface treatment machines, with high efficiency and easy to use. RS Circular Vibrators can be used both as a single device and within automated productionlines.

- Round container with central dome
- Flat ramp rising 180 degrees
- Extra long separators built into the tank with a straight outlet
- Integrated separation flap
- Low maintenance of unbalance motor
- Universal adaptable and changeable delivery chutes

Ideal for
- Deburring, grinding, polishing and refining a multitude of workpieces, sizes and materials 
- Cleaning of casting molds and forged components
- Defrosting
- Large quantities

- Economical processing of large quantities as bulk goods

- Pneumatically activated separation flap

- Drive with variable speed control
- SPS controlled electrical switchgear
- Dosing systems for process media and additives
- All-round polyurethane wedge profile to reduce component build-up on the container wall
- Noise reducing lids
- Various systems for separation of material and grinding tools
- Extended process water control concepts

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