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Vibrator for deburring, rounding of edges, polishing and refining of surfaces

Circular Vibrators are universal surface treatment machines, with high efficiency and easy to use. RM Circular Vibrators have a special system construction to achieve perfect surfaces, even in hard to reach places.

Ideal for:
- Fine grinding, polishing and high-gloss compaction of aluminium components 
- Workpieces with high demands to the desired surface
- Polishing of die casting molds
- Grinding and polishing of medical implants
- Smoothing of wrought forms and turbine blades
- Deburring of complex components

- Can be customized with a wide range of possiblities and accessories
- Designed for continuous operation, even 24-hour operations
- Semi-automatic operation possible, through electronic process control

- Additional third unbalance motor at the tank bottom
- Drive with variable speed control (frequency controlled)
- SPS controlled electrical switchgear for partially and fully automated operation, and optimized process control
- Dosing systems for process media and additives
- Noise-reducing lids
- Various clamping systems
- Extended process water control concepts
- Additional accessories upon request

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