Centrifuges ZS-M - Mobile

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Complete process water management in one system - mobile

Mobile Centrifuges ZS-M are mounted on a trolley, for easy mobility. 

Ideal for
- Treatment of processing water from vibrators
- Cleaning of mixtures (suspensions and emulsions)
- Preparation of phosphating, painting, washing and oil baths
- Processing of cooling lubricants (KSS)
- General separation of solids from liquid mixtures

Management of process water, minimizing operating costs and protecting the environment
- Saving of expensive additives for the finishing process (compound)
- Economical and efficient separation of solid particles from a mixture
- Designed for continuous operation with high availability

- C
lear water tank with pressure pumps for processing water supply
- Waste water tank as a buffer for processing liquids
- Combined trolley with several separate containers (clear- and waste water)
- Peeling pipe for discharge of clear water
- Auxiliary pumps for pumping of liquids from other containers
- Automatic compound level for monitoring and dosing units


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