Sicodan’s service agreements cover our entire product range


This is achieved by a service inspection

- Extending the lifetime of your machine
- Optimization of your production speed
- Increased earnings
- Savings on your electricity bill

Select from three available service agreement options, to choose the one that best suits your production and equipment. Each individual service agreement is adapted to supplier specifications and our expertise. 

Regardless of which one you choose, all service options are documented and can be further developed to meet your specific requirements, ranging from basic, which provides a minimum of service, to full service for customers who require high-level documentation that meets good manufacturing practice standards. We can also provide calibration and documentation for using accredited equipment, if required.

Our service concept is developed for both stand-alone machines and complete manufacturing cells, and we believe in the priciple: Fix it before it breaks.


Our service agreements are available in three options: Basic, Standard and Premium – and can be customised to suit every need

Sicodan’s service team of technicians have in-depth technical- and product knowledge, and our service agreements cover our entire product range.



Service agreement options

Choose between our Basic, Standard or Premium option. Get in touch today to find a solution tailored to meet your requirements.