This is how we work – and we will guide you all the way



Get what you need - no more, no less





Sicodan does a thorough analysis of your needs to find the right solution. 

ROI (Return of investment)

Quality control, higher reliability, less maintenance and longer life.



Are more options available? Let's find out!

Sicodan tests possible solutions to identify the pros and cons, especially to find out what’s required to produce the best, most economical solution.


Choice of machine


  Turn-key solution




Machine vision, metal working, cutting, bending and more

  Sicodan works with most technologies, thinking through the entire system from beginning to end
  We match technologies to your particular plant
  Our professional approach ensures interaction across suppliers

Flexible and independent

Choose freely among manufacturers, that’s what we do

  Manufacturers each have their own expertise, and since Sicodan is not contractually obligated to use specific brands, we can give you impartial advice and the best solution
  If using multiple technologies is the best solution, we combine them to save you valuable space and minimise the risk of errors


Sicodan Quality System





Guaranteed success

  Let Sicodan take responsibility for the entire process, from analysis to commissioning – your guarantee that everything is up to code
  Proper installation, at times difficult and complex, is essential in terms of your return on investment and overall equipment efficiency
  Proper programming ensures that the device fits your system and needs, making a huge difference to operational reliability



We train your staff to operate the equipment

At Sicodan we like to share our knowledge with our customers, which is why our goal is to ensure that your production staff is well-prepared to operate the equipment – for the benefit of all.



Avoid downtime with round-the-clock service

Minimal downtime and maximum lifetime. These are keywords in the manufacturing industry and something Sicodan is well aware of.

  Sicodan’s service team technicians have in-depth technical and product knowledge
  Our service agreements cover our entire product range
  Our service agreements contain three different options customised to meet every need

Read more about our service packages



Place your order with us, and get the right part

  Spare parts and consumable parts
  Day-to-day delivery



Reuse of used equipment

If your equipment no longer matches your requirements, let us use our network to give it new life in a new business.


Any questions? Let us find the answers

If you’re in doubt whether you need partial or comprehensive assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation talk about your needs.